From the Annual General Meeting 2010 minutes:

7. Code of Conduct:

So what is drawing session etiquette? Well, what follows is a fairly general list, but one that seems to work very well for Livessence:

  1. Be prepared. Check the calendar if it is long pose or short pose or costumed pose. Bring the materials you envision you will need. You are welcome to bring oils, acrylic, any dry material, clay etc. The only requirement is that there is no odours ie bring odourless materials. The room can not be opened for air once a session has started.

  2. You come to class about ten minutes before and get set up so that when drawing session starts, you are ready to go. This is for your benefit, not anyone else’s.

  3. Use the late door for entering or exiting once the session has started.

  4. During the set up time, see if you can make contact with the model and tell them of any projects you are working on, to see if they can give you the specific poses you are looking for.

  5. During the session, the model will usually ask if there is anything specific the artists would like to see – use this time to communicate to the model (if you haven’t already) about your requested pose(s).

  6. Talking or not talking is up to the people who are there. If the majority are not talking, then consider keeping your chatter to a minimum.

  7. Bring an ipod or other music device with earplugs. Please try not to sing, or dance.

  8. Bring all your own materials.

  9. During break, feel free to talk to other participants, ask about their methods, consider trading materials if it comes up.

  10. Be respectful of break times.

  11. Keep personal comments to a model to a minimum or not at all. Consider viewing the model as a member of royalty far above you, and you should be grateful and feel lucky to draw them.

I don’t think there is ever a problem in erring on the side of politeness and respect, in any sort of dealings.

Be polite. Be kind. Just because you are the artist, you are not above the model, they are not your servant.

Remember, the model ALLOWS you to draw them.