For 2022:

President – Ann Marie Ruether
VP – Maryam Dirk
Secretary/ Membership – Blair Dunlop
Treasurer – Dianne Davis
Model Booking/ Training – Ann Marie Ruether
Grids – Blair Dunlop


Our Board and other volunteer positions:

Anyone is welcome to get involved.  Send a note to with your interest.   Livessence is a very diverse and active group; it is what makes us dynamic and exciting! If you can consider giving a few hours of your time (a year!!) that would benefit your group tremendously.

Please see the descriptions below to see how you can contribute. Rather than having one person (or two or three) do everything, we want to have small jobs spread across a spectrum of individuals. The time committment is less, and each member is a valued contributor to the whole. If you can not make the Annual General Meeting, and would like to take any of the jobs below please send an email to President at livessence.society (at) gmail dot com.

About the Executive meetings:
Meetings are usually once per month or every second month and they last about an hour. Usually held on a Saturday afternoon from 1230 to 130 pm, but this can change depending on the needs of the current executive. Collectively, the executive reviews expenditures, sees what is happening for the year for the membership, encourages growth of the society and benefits for the membership.

At an Executive meeting, required positions are President, Vice, Secretary, Exhibition Chair, Communications Chair, nice to have would be Workshop Chair, and Session Chair depending on time of year and activities. Not all volunteers are required to go to the Executive meeting.

One or two more meetings (in addition to Executive) are held around exhibition times such as Artwalk, Holiday Art Show and Galleria shows. Not all members of the executive are required for these.

Description of positions:

President: Calls meetings, sets agenda, chairs meetings, provides direction as needed (about an hour a month plus executive meeting time.)

Vice President: back up for President in case not available, chairs meetings when President not available, actions items in support of the President (about an hour a month including executive meeting time.)

Treasurer: Responsible for the financing and bookkeeping of the Society.

Secretary: types minutes, gets agenda out to the Executive, takes care of forms as needed, creates and updates membership list in documents as well as email addresses, ensures forms in the binder for sessions (about an hour a month plus executive meeting time)

Exhibitions (some of these positions will not be needed depending on the type of show)
1. Coordinator – acts as Chairman. Applies for the show, makes the plan for the grid placement (if grids are required) This is a crucial position and requires active participation and dedication.
2. Curator: Installs the artwork for the exhibition (about three hours during exhibition time)
3. Grid handyman (transports, sets up and takes down the grids) – should be more than one person, hopefully three or four (about two or three hours during exhibition time)
4. Volunteer coordinator: makes the schedule to have our members man the shows (about two or three hours during exhibition time)
5. Label coordinator: makes the labels for the exhibition (about two or three hours during exhibition time)
6. Registrar – registers artwork coming in, including fees and gives labels to artists for their work, records artwork going out (about two or three hours during exhibition time)
7. Lighting manager – installs and removes lights at the exhibition (if needed) (about an hour during exhibition time)
8. Livessence Boulevard curator – sends emails to members to change work, makes labels (about an hour a month)

1. Acts as Chairman. Looks for instructors for workshops, communicates with them re: time/price, passes this info to the Communications coordinator (about an hour a month plus executive meeting time)                                                                                                                   Booking                                                                                                                                                           1. Acts as Chair. Books models and rooms for life drawing sessions (about an hour a month plus executive meeting time)
1. Trains models as needed (about three hours per model, as needed)

1. Acts as Chair. Newsletter – coordinates with the secretary to turn minutes into newsletters (about two or three hours as needed – usually every quarter unless there is a lot of activity)
2. Designs graphics for use in Newsletters, website and Vistaprint. (about two hours as needed a few months prior to exhibitions)                                                                                                            Website:                                                                                                                                                           1. Updates website with new info such as shows, member information etc, lists our events on  websites (list provided) (about two or three hours as needed)