Our models are our life blood.

Because of this, we treat our models with the utmost respect and consideration.

Our models and our artists work together, because without one, there is no artwork, and without the other, there is no artwork.

If you are looking to be a model for our life drawing society, please contact  livessence.society at gmail dot com address.

Models wanted!
Good pay, great people!

Videos done on Livessence and Livessence models by the intrepid JCVdude (thank you to Joe and Cindy!) on YouTube are linked here:

About Gesture Drawing

Drawing in the Vineyard

Interview with Donnalee

Drawing Session 1

Drawing Session 2

Models are an integral part of the Society and such we will encourage new models to come out to a session to observe how we do things.

We will point you to the many resources available.