Model Code of Conduct

So what is model etiquette? Well, what follows is a fairly general list, but one that seems to work very well for Livessence:

  1. Be reliable.  Be prepared. Know when your drawing session is (check the calendar), and if you have indicated you will be draped or undraped. Have poses ready.  Bring props if you like.
  2. No perfumes or colognes or aftershaves. The room can not be opened for air once a session has started.
  3. Arrive about ten minutes before and get set up so that when drawing session starts, you are ready to go.
  4. Ask the host to ensure the main door is locked with both locks.
  5. You are welcome to ask the artists if there are any poses that members would like to focus on.
  6. Once a pose has been taken, do not move, or itch, or look around.
  7. Talking is not normally welcome. The artists are there to work too.
  8. Ensure you rotate for each pose. Front gets back, back gets front etc.
  9. Try not to make eye contact with the artists as they can get shaken out of their focus on their work. If you make eye contact, then that means you are moving around. Please stay still or you will hear many exasperated sighs and I will get complaints.
  10. Bring a kimono or a housecoat. When not on the stage, you must be draped. Do not leave the room unless you are fully clothed.
  11. Bring a sarong or another sort of cloth for you to sit upon.
  12. The stage is your sacred space. No one is to come in to that space.
  13. During break, feel free to talk to the artists.
  14. Be respectful of break times. Start your poses after ten minutes max. The artists will get to their spaces pretty fast.
  15. Most members are very respectful. If you find there are any who are not, ensure you talk to the host during the break or at the end of the class. Do not keep that inside.
  16. If you have to cancel a booking at all, give 48 hours notice so that we can find another model.