Getting Ready to be Juried for ART WALK 2013

By August 29, 2013Exhibitions

I sent out an email a couple of weeks ago to let you know about Art Walk 2013. Art Walk 2013 will have some changes. We will need to be “juried” and apply to be included in the show. As part of this process, we will need a simple biography for each of the artists from Livessence who wish to participate to send along with the pictures of 3 pieces of your work. As quoted from Sharon McCoubrey the Chariperson for Art Walk”: “The intent is to know about the artists. I think the best approach would be to create a single ‘report’ or bio that lists all of the artists in your group, with a sentence or two about each artist.” I will need your biographies on May 11 at the drawing session when we are doing the Hallway Changeover and are taking pictures of your works to send to Art Walk. I will be taking pictures of 3 of your works to be submitted for the jury process. The pieces do not have to be ones that you are submitting for the show and should not be framed or under glass. Here is a sample Biography. Please keep yours short. Sample Biography for Jaine Buse: Painting from the inside out and feeling the intention is the focus for my creativity. The past 4 years in Kelowna has further allowed me to learn, observe and create images inspired from my travels and people I meet. I have been mostly self taught plus attend ongoing workshops, critique sessions and classes. My art is hanging in client’s homes in numerous cities across North America and Mexico and has been seen in many galleries in the interior of B.C. My “ART JOURNEY” is about paying attention to my purpose and passion while expressing creativity with acrylics and mixed media using the Spontaneous Process. I would appreciate an email reply from you if you plan to put pieces into Art Walk and hence will expect to see you on May 11 at the RCA. I will be there at 9:00 a.m. If you wish to email your bio to me please do. I will also need to know the name of your works, the medium, size and price. Thanks for making our time at ArtWalk 2013 a successful one (once we get notified we are juried in). Jaine Buse Secretary

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