Minutes of the Executive – August 13 2013

By October 4, 2013Minutes

Present: Julia , Tina, Jaine, Sharon

!. Finance: Tina to open new account at B of M at Capri Mall
Jaine to forward Certificate of Livessence to Tina
Tina, Julia and Jaine to get signing authority
Allows us to view on line with no admin costs
Julia to renew website domain

2. Missing 6 grids need to check RCA to see if they have been moved – Jaine

3. Art Walk: We only have 200 sq. feet display space so each artist can bring 3 pieces
Entrance fee $30 flat fee
Art WAlk gets 10% livessence nothing
Models are booked
Hosts and volunteers are in place
Julia to get flyers printed
Volunteers to be taken out for supper if they do take down

4. Art Change over to be done late Oct. Sharon

Respectfully submitted

Jaine Buse

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