Space preview today

By October 23, 2014Uncategorized

Hi to all, Just a short reminder about the preview of the French Cultural space today at 2 pm. Some of you have written back in support of a move and not in support – either way is fine because you weighed in. In case you did not receive the AGM minutes they are attached. A move was discussed in paragraph 9. Concerns about vagrants, homeless and other undesirables being around the French Cultural building have resulted in my driving by there several times during different parts of the day over various days. I did not see any. If you are concerned about this for sat morning I would suggest you drive by on sat am before drawing. I will as well. After the French Cultural Centre viewing, all are welcome to see a space on the westside, a 4-6 minute drive from Abbott Street/City Park lights on Harvey. It is located at Ross Road, in the strip mall behind the Husky, #14. It is 250$ a month, access whenever we wish, 400 sq ft, air conditioning. If you just want to go there great I will meet you there for 3 pm. Other venues have been explored and we can talk this afternoon about those results, email to follow. All the best Julia pdf icon AGM-Livessence-2014-Minutes.pdf

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