RCA Livessence Wall

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Dear Members of Livessence, As you can see the “wall” has a new face featuring more space to display your Artistic talents. However there is a protocol: At this year’s AGM I offered to look after the exhibit and get this new “look” approved by the management of the RCA. Artists wishing to add a painting or two need to phone me a day or two before bringing the item. My cell number is 250 317 1928. I am available to hang the art most Tuesday’s in the am or pm at a arranged appointed time. Work submitted must be securely labelled on the back side with a Title Medium Name of Artist Price and must be ready to hang. I will print a “livessence” label for the front. If you have a business card, it can also be displayed at the front. Any sales will be processed through the RCA Information/Box Office Centre for a 15% commission including taxes. No Art should be removed without my knowledge. Howeve, there are some pieces which have displayed for more than a month. These need to be removed or exchanged for new works to retain a constant fresh look. Please phone me when you are ready, you know who you are. I will be able to create lively exhibit. Yours in the Livessence world Ralf Rohrlack So much for now. Sent from my iPhone

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