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January 2014

Art Pickup from the RCA for Dance & Movement

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Hi gang…
Hope all is well with everybody… We have decided that Saturday february 1 is pick up your art work from the RAC dance and movement show. Time between 9:30 to 1:00 next group are hanging the same day at 2 o’clock … If you can not pick your art up that day you will have to arrange for someone else to pick up it up for you… We can not be responsible for any works left behind. Thanks gang …
Sam W

Model Training

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Hi to all, just a short note to let you know I will be conducting Model Training on Saturday Feb 1 from 930 to 1330 hrs. I will be finishing training four models. Each model will be in the studio for about an hour. I am hoping for a max of five artists to come for the entire duration, or part of, to help finalize the training. Your task will be to draw, and potentially to give feedback during the five to ten minute discussion time at the end of the model’s hour. Model poses will be mostly short, from gestures to a max of five minutes. This will be a closed session. If you are interested please do reply with the times you would be interested. You can come for one hour, two, three or all four hours. The first five members to respond will be given priority. Thank you, Julia