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February 2014

Drawing sessions

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Hi to all, just an update for you!

We have a wonderful new model Alexa who will be joining us over the next little while. When you come to a session, please say welcome to her, she has quite the presence. The drawing session went well yesterday, Michelle and Rand you already know and have worked with. They have completed the training and I thank all the artists who came out yesterday to help make this so. As a few of these artists are also regulars, we had a brief chat about how the drawing sessions were going. Because the Saturday mornings are/were designed to be conflict free, I have made a few changes to the drawing room set up including what was suggested by the regulars.

The drawing room is back to the original set up, with the model in the centre, and the tables around. This facilitates movement about the room, and also maximizes the model poses. If you do not like a model’s presentation, you are welcome to move to a space that you like better. The drawing sessions are there to encourage you, challenge you, and help you work on your technique, materials, etc. Consider that if you don’t like something as a challenge to move out of your comfort zone.

Please do not make any changes to this drawing room set up. The lights on the ceiling are being adjusted to work with where the platform and the tables are. I recognize that the lights have always been a contentious problem, but we do the best we can. If you find you do not have enough light on your paper, then you are welcome to bring your own table lamp and extension cord.

The doors in the drawing room have a set routine to them. Once the drawing session has started, the main door (by the dance studio) MUST NOT BE OPENED for anyone for any reason. If you hear a knock on that door, then go to the late door, which should be propped open on the brass tongue, and go see who it is. That main door may be opened during break when the model is draped once again.

If you want to know what is happening for the drawing session, it will be listed on the calendar. I had two people show up yesterday who either didn’t read their email, and/or didn’t look at the calendar. If the model will be draped, or in costume or such or there is a special session, it will be listed there.

It has come to my attention that once again there is very low attendance for Long Pose. I am sorry but we can not continue to hold long poses for two or three people. The minimum attendance for Long Pose is seven people (room and model raises), and unless we have the seven people, then the Long Pose only session will be removed. I understand that there are models you would like to work from during these sessions. Please send me a list, and if one of these models are available, then I will book them. If none of these models are available then should I make the session Short Poses? I would appreciate some feedback on this.

It has also come to my attention that models are suggesting that a session be cancelled if only two or three people show up. Please note that this is not the model’s call. This is the Host’s call. The model still needs to be paid, and the room also needs to be paid. Keep that in mind.

The AGM will be coming up in April. Please think of things for discussion for this meeting, it is where you as members get to have the say in what happens for the year. Please send suggestions to the agenda back to this address. Once the Executive has determined the date, it will be posted through email, on the website and in the calendar.

All the best, Julia