2015 Westside Culture Days

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Hi All hope you are having a great summer. Please read the following……. is a great opportunity for us as the only life drawing society in the Valley. An idea from one our execs, Ken, sounds great. We could do a life drawing session on location and display some of our works on grids and hand out our brochures. The event is well attended and lots of fun. So how many of us are going to be part Westside Culture Days??????????? Many!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to hearing from you, cheers Tina Tina Siddiqui | Saatchi Art Dear Livessence, I hope this note finds you well. I am writing to you because you took part of Westside Culture Days 2014 or are a member of SWAC. We have started the Westside Culture Days planning and we would like you and your ideas to be included. If you have an idea of what you would like to do, please go ahead and sign up here: Artist/Creative Partners: http://bit.ly/2015Partner The earlier you sign up the better, as we have access to marketing materials which can be customized to your event, and are free to SWAC members. Non personaliized marketing materials are free for everyone. Westside Culture Days takes place Sep 25, 26 & 27 and really celebrates our community, in all facets of life. We have some pretty incredible and fun activities planned already and we’d really like you to be a part of the action! Sincerely, Julia Trops SWAC /Westside Culture Days Chair http://www.swac-arts.com

Hanging at the RCA

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Greetings everyone: Ralf will be looking after the hangings at the RCA from now on and he will be sending out an email to let you know the next change over. He has made some great changes to the area!!! We are now assessing a $3.00 charge per piece to hang and every time you put a different one up there will be the same charge. We need to cover the costs for supplies, labels and signs. Looking forward to seeing all your great up on the wall Jaine Buse Secretary.

change in time for drawing sessions

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Livessence Drawing dates sept – dec 2015 Saturdays Sept 19, 1030 – 1 pm Sept 26, 1030 – 1 pm Oct 10, 1030 – 1 pm Oct 17, 1030 – 1 pm Oct 24, 1030 – 1 pm Nov 14, 1030 – 1 pm Nov 21, 1030 – 1 pm Nov 28, 1030 – 1 pm Dec 5, 1030 – 1 pm Dec 12, 1030 – 1 pm

hours starting Sept. 19

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Please note change in time for saturday drawing sessions as decided at the AGM Livessence Drawing dates sept – dec 2015 Saturdays Sept 19, 1030 – 1 pm Sept 26, 1030 – 1 pm Oct 10, 1030 – 1 pm Oct 17, 1030 – 1 pm Oct 24, 1030 – 1 pm Nov 14, 1030 – 1 pm Nov 21, 1030 – 1 pm Nov 28, 1030 – 1 pm Dec 5, 1030 – 1 pm Dec 12, 1030 – 1 pm —————————— Looking for the Calendar? Check out the links on the top of our webpage.

RCA Livessence Wall

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Dear Members of Livessence, As you can see the “wall” has a new face featuring more space to display your Artistic talents. However there is a protocol: At this year’s AGM I offered to look after the exhibit and get this new “look” approved by the management of the RCA. Artists wishing to add a painting or two need to phone me a day or two before bringing the item. My cell number is 250 317 1928. I am available to hang the art most Tuesday’s in the am or pm at a arranged appointed time. Work submitted must be securely labelled on the back side with a Title Medium Name of Artist Price and must be ready to hang. I will print a “livessence” label for the front. If you have a business card, it can also be displayed at the front. Any sales will be processed through the RCA Information/Box Office Centre for a 15% commission including taxes. No Art should be removed without my knowledge. Howeve, there are some pieces which have displayed for more than a month. These need to be removed or exchanged for new works to retain a constant fresh look. Please phone me when you are ready, you know who you are. I will be able to create lively exhibit. Yours in the Livessence world Ralf Rohrlack So much for now. Sent from my iPhone

Livessence Ten Year Anniversary

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(Apologies if you get this more than once, it is going out to the membership for the past few years) Hi to all, Just a small reminder the AGM is coming up for Livessence and it is our 10th year! The AGM is May 30 at the RCA.

This is also my last year as Director for the organization but I will remain a member and hope to have time to come back to the drawing sessions. If you are interested in training the life drawing models, or booking them for dates, please get in contact with me at this email address. We will also be looking for someone to take care of the website.

There’s a terrific team in place with Tina and Jaine and Sharon, so think about coming on board. It is very gratifying to see the group continue, and we have lots of room to grow. Thank you very much for making the drawing group a rewarding experience for me, and I hope you have had fun along the way too. Hope to see you on May 30. Julia Trops

Space preview today

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Hi to all, Just a short reminder about the preview of the French Cultural space today at 2 pm. Some of you have written back in support of a move and not in support – either way is fine because you weighed in. In case you did not receive the AGM minutes they are attached. A move was discussed in paragraph 9. Concerns about vagrants, homeless and other undesirables being around the French Cultural building have resulted in my driving by there several times during different parts of the day over various days. I did not see any. If you are concerned about this for sat morning I would suggest you drive by on sat am before drawing. I will as well. After the French Cultural Centre viewing, all are welcome to see a space on the westside, a 4-6 minute drive from Abbott Street/City Park lights on Harvey. It is located at Ross Road, in the strip mall behind the Husky, #14. It is 250$ a month, access whenever we wish, 400 sq ft, air conditioning. If you just want to go there great I will meet you there for 3 pm. Other venues have been explored and we can talk this afternoon about those results, email to follow. All the best Julia pdf icon AGM-Livessence-2014-Minutes.pdf

Notice of AGM for Livessence Society

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Time: 12:30 (immediately following drawing session) Location: Upstairs meeting room RCA (Lunch provided by Livessence when you renew your membership) Please RSVP by May 10 so we can order lunch for everyone in attendance Please bring a $35 cheque/cash for your membership Jaine Buse Secretary