Website, Sessions and Exhibitions

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Hi to all, just a small reminder that you can keep up to date with sessions, meeting and exhibitions with the Livessence website.  http://www.livessence.com.

This Saturday, May 3, there will be no drawing.  Next drawing session is May 10.

All members are also welcome to send three photos of their work to be included on the website.  For those of you who already have websites, this is a perfect opportunity for an inbound relative link, which helps your site out a great deal.

The AGM is coming up on May 17, if you are attending, please RSVP ASAP but by May 10 for sure, so that we can have a nice lunch available for you as a returning member.

If you would like to stay involved and support the group, consider joining as a member to keep your toe in the water. We would love to see you back at the sessions and in the exhibitions.

All the best, Julia