Executive Meeting Minutes March 2013

By June 8, 2013Minutes

March 29, 2013 11:00 a.m. Bliss Coffee Shop Present: Tina, Tina, Jaine, Julia Absent: Brian, Sharon Follow up from last meeting: 1. Access to bank info on line, Julia and Tina to do 2. Appealed to membership for help: Martha offered 3. Julia to contact Rebekah for Art Show Chairperson: she declined 4. Jaine contacted Lake Country Gallery for show in 2013, they have no spots Membership: 27 members, Joan and Joyce now on list Drawing Sessions/Models: James to model “on trial” (Jaine to speak at AGM about artists response to models when drawing) Financial Report: Sheri is resigning, Tina to get final report from her and all records of business Grid Rentals: Kelowna Opera rented them all for April 7 event Some grids may be needed for the Erotic Art Show in July Hallway Change Over: (needs to be discussed at AGM regarding people changing other peoples works) Next Changeover: May 11 at Sat. Drawing Session New Business: AGM Time: 12:15 (following Drawing Session) Location: Board room 2nd Floor RCA Catered to by Bistro (no charge for members) Change to bylaws to be submitted Nominations for Slate of Officers for 2013-2014 President: Tina Siddiqui Vice President/Website/Models: Julia Trops Sec./Grid rentals/Membership/Art Walk: Jaine Buse Treasurer: Natasha ? Receivables and deposits: Sandra Windsor Member at Large: Tina Schnellert Hallway Change Over: Sharon Fitch Drawing Session Host: Brian/Joyce/Volunteers Present Art WAlk 2013 Sept. 7 – 8, 2013 Theme: It’s About Time Now a Juried Show Require 3 pictures from each artist to be sent to committee by June 1. Pieces do not have to be the pieces that you are submitting for the show. Pieces you do submit for the show cannot be shown in previous years. Hence May 11, following Drawing Session Jaine will take pictures of pieces from artists to be submitted Programs/Education: Colossal.com idea from Julia Tina Siddiqui to look into college student undertaking running it for us Future rental space: Tina Schnellert to look into Botega, University for rental space for future needs Meeting closed 12:20 Respectfully Submitted Jaine Buse Secretary

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